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Playing with the Gigastone Media Streamer Plus

A few months ago, I was shopping on and discovered the Gigastone Media Streamer Plus for about $25. I figured this might be something occassionally useful, or at least fun to look at for security vulnerabilities. When it arrived, I didn't get around to it for quite a while, and then when I finally did, I was terribly disappointed in it as a security research target -- it was just too easy.

Psychological Issues in the Security Industry

I've unfortunately had the experience of dealing with a number of psychological issues (either personally or through personal connections) during my tenure in the security fold. I hope to shed some light on them and encourage others to take them seriously.

socat as a handler for multiple reverse shells

I needed a way to handle multiple reverse shells calling back to the same C2 host. It's a little convoluted, but I found a way to receive multiple incoming sessions and multiplex them into tmux windows.

TP-Link Kasa App: SSL Verification Disabled (Fixed)

For an unknown period of time prior to December 2017, the Kasa "Smart Home" control application for Android failed to validate any TLS certificates when communicating to TP-Link's servers. This app is used for control of the company's line of smart plugs, light bulbs, and home hub, and affected all phases of the use of the app, including user registration, authentication, and device control.

A Cheap and Compact Bench Power Supply

I wanted a bench power supply for powering small projects and devices I'm testing. I ended up with a DIY approach for around $30 and am very happy with the outcome. It's a simple project that almost anyone can do and is a great introductory power supply for any home lab.