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Storage Management

My desktop has a fair amount of storage (~700GB) and a lot of that is in use with multimedia and the like. For example, many of my favorite IPTV shows (Hak.5, DL.TV, etc.) find their home on my desktop computer.

In order to manage this flood of multimedia, I have a jfs filesystem mounted as /multimedia. Today I wanted to import about 10GB of music that "escaped" iTunes on my windows laptop. In doing so, I completely filled my existing /multimedia partition. Ordinarily, that would be a problem, wouldn't it? Not with LVM :)

LVM, or Logical Volume Management, divides hard drive space up into a number of chunks (extents) that can be allocated (on-demand) to given virtual partition. The only downside is that the filesystem on the partition must support resizing. Most filesystems (well, most Linux filesystems) take to resizing larger very well. Some do not shrink as well.

So, to give myself another 20G of multimedia was a simple:

umount /multimedia
lvextend -L220G /dev/MainVG/VideoLV
mount -o resize /multimedia

Imagine trying to expand space on a 200G partition without LVM.  I think most people would have just symlinked in more data, or split the data onto two partitions.

Ubuntu Officially Supported by Dell?

As an interesting continued note to my post about Michael Dell, Fabián Rodríguez, a Senior Ubuntu Support Analyst at Canonical Ltd, is reporting that Ubuntu Linux will be Officially Supported by Dell Computers. Whether this support comes in the form of Canonical Support or in-house at Dell remains to be seen. My guess would be that Dell will be contracting with Canonical to provide the support.

Normally, I wouldn't do this, but "dude, I'm getting a Dell."

Update: has more details, including the specific machines to come preinstalled and ship dates.  Looks pretty solid to me.

Microsoft Employee switches to Linux

A Microsoft employee wondering why he had lost his creativity found a solution: he switched to Linux.  I think this is enlightening on both operating systems and on corporate culture in general.

Michael Dell runs Linux!

Michael Dell (Chairman of Dell Computer) runs Linux, as evidenced by his computer profile. Pretty cool, and might explain the move to increased support for Linux. That being said, it'll probably still be a while before we see pre-installed Ubuntu laptops from Dell. We can only hope. :)

Battery Disappeared

On my Latitude D620 (my work laptop) the battery has "disappeared".  Both Linux and the BIOS show that no battery in installed.  That being said, the battery charge light is on when the battery is in, and the light is off if I remove the battery, so there must be SOMETHING there.  Any thoughts welcome.