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Windows Guy tries Ubuntu 7.04 -- Part Deux

On July 17, I reported on the self-proclaimed "Windows Guy" giving Ubuntu Linux a try.  Well, it's been two weeks and boy, does he have a lot to say.  Fortunately for the Linux community, it's almost all good.

His experiences are summarized nicely:

"In the end I’ve been very impressed with Ubuntu. After two weeks of banging under the hood and using it as often as I can, it has shown itself to be stable, fast and customizable. Hardware support is solid and application support is good. It is a tweakers paradise. I can work at work and and home. If I had to I could use it as my day-to-day system and not have many regrets. I’m still not as comfortable with it as I am in Windows, but I’m getting there. I may not be a convert yet, but I am a fan."

A wall socket or a computer?

Amazingly, very basic computers can now fit in a wall socket: it looks like a bunch of ports, and it is, but it also computes! Pretty amazing considering that even 30 years ago computers required a dedicated room. No word on price, but looks pretty cool.

Windows Guy tries Ubuntu 7.04

First off: I should've been keeping this updated.  I've just been incredibly busy over the last month or so and haven't really had the time.  That being said, I found a story I had to comment on: Self-proclaimed Windows Guy tries Ubuntu Linux and likes it!  It looks like Ubuntu is really making a splash on the desktop -- obviously I'm inclined to agree.  Maybe I'll have to give Vista a try at some point when I have a capable machine to spare.  I can write a similar review here.

Linux on Dells: Sales Start Today

Dell has begun selling three models shipping with Ubuntu Linux 7.04.  It's really exciting seeing this, and I hope it means we'll see more vendors get in on the Linux action.

Bloggers and Security

BlogSecurity is reporting that a recent test showed 98% of Wordpress blogs are running on a version of the software with known vulnerabilities. While the ones here on are certainly kept up to date, how about the thousands running on private servers?