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2007 San Francisco LinuxWorld Expo

I just returned from the 2007 LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco.  This was my first LWE, and I had a great time.  I was out there on behalf of, the Linux community site I am a moderator on.  Though more business- than community-oriented, it's still a great event to get to know others in the Linux community and marketplace as well as keep up on the latest technology (how anyone keeps up on it ALL is beyond me).

Linux Gaming

The Micahville blog has an excellent article on why Linux should not be dismissed as a serious gaming platform.  It lists 17 awesome games for Linux, many of which I have not even heard of.  I'm going to give some of them a try later.  I'd really like to hook up a joystick to my computer again to hit up FlightGear.

Windows Guy tries Ubuntu 7.04 -- Part Deux

On July 17, I reported on the self-proclaimed "Windows Guy" giving Ubuntu Linux a try.  Well, it's been two weeks and boy, does he have a lot to say.  Fortunately for the Linux community, it's almost all good.

His experiences are summarized nicely:

"In the end I’ve been very impressed with Ubuntu. After two weeks of banging under the hood and using it as often as I can, it has shown itself to be stable, fast and customizable. Hardware support is solid and application support is good. It is a tweakers paradise. I can work at work and and home. If I had to I could use it as my day-to-day system and not have many regrets. I’m still not as comfortable with it as I am in Windows, but I’m getting there. I may not be a convert yet, but I am a fan."

A wall socket or a computer?

Amazingly, very basic computers can now fit in a wall socket: it looks like a bunch of ports, and it is, but it also computes! Pretty amazing considering that even 30 years ago computers required a dedicated room. No word on price, but looks pretty cool.

Windows Guy tries Ubuntu 7.04

First off: I should've been keeping this updated.  I've just been incredibly busy over the last month or so and haven't really had the time.  That being said, I found a story I had to comment on: Self-proclaimed Windows Guy tries Ubuntu Linux and likes it!  It looks like Ubuntu is really making a splash on the desktop -- obviously I'm inclined to agree.  Maybe I'll have to give Vista a try at some point when I have a capable machine to spare.  I can write a similar review here.