Windows Guy tries Ubuntu 7.04

First off: I should've been keeping this updated.  I've just been incredibly busy over the last month or so and haven't really had the time.  That being said, I found a story I had to comment on: Self-proclaimed Windows Guy tries Ubuntu Linux and likes it!  It looks like Ubuntu is really making a splash on the desktop -- obviously I'm inclined to agree.  Maybe I'll have to give Vista a try at some point when I have a capable machine to spare.  I can write a similar review here.

Linux on Dells: Sales Start Today

Dell has begun selling three models shipping with Ubuntu Linux 7.04.  It's really exciting seeing this, and I hope it means we'll see more vendors get in on the Linux action.

Bloggers and Security

BlogSecurity is reporting that a recent test showed 98% of Wordpress blogs are running on a version of the software with known vulnerabilities. While the ones here on are certainly kept up to date, how about the thousands running on private servers?

Linux Driver Development Bears Fruit

Kernel Developer Greg Kroah-Hartman's offer to develop drivers for hardware vendors just from specifications is beginning to pay off.  The offer, first touted as mere marketing hype, has already added a driver to the kernel and has at least five more in progress.  For details:;58590129;fp;16;fpid;0

Details on Dell's Linux Rollout

I missed this the other day, but Jeremy over at LinuxQuestions has details on the Dell Linux rollout.  Nothing too surprising, fairly basic machines with well supported hardware.  No proprietary media formats, so it seems like a fairly stock Ubuntu install.  No Linux prices yet.

The top-end machine that will be in the initial offering is the XPS 410, which is $899+ with Windows on it.   On the value end is the E520, starting at $369 (Windows price). It looks like the E1505 Notebook will also be offered, which is a fairly basic laptop at $699 (Windows price again).