Automatic PPA Key Installation

I often use a number of PPAs on one or more of my systems, such as FreeNX, Firefox dailies, Chromium dailies, etc. I do like to use signed packages, even if they're automatically signed, but manually installing the PPA keys is a bit of a pain. The Source Guru has a solution.

New Site!

Things have been very busy since I started my job at Kennesaw State University. Because my department uses Drupal extensively for producing dynamic websites, I decided it was time to migrate my own content to Drupal. So my intent is that this replaces my old WordPress blog and also provides a place to host projects and other work.

Life Changes

A couple of updates, since it's been a while since I've posted anything meaningful.

On March 2nd, I will be starting a new job as an IT System Support Specialist III at Kennesaw State University.  Typical of a government job, the title is rather meaningless.  To be specific, I will be supporting a variety of Linux and Mac OS X servers for the university and the platforms running on them (Drupal, Moodle, and other technologies.)  The production servers are RHEL and the development is on CentOS.

Of course, every good turn comes with a down turn. 


I haven't had a real personal website up in a long time, but I'm trying to get back on the ball.  Not a whole lot of content yet, but it's coming along.  Take a look at

Kubuntu Issues

I was inspired by Jono Bacon's post here and "Kubuntu, the Blue-Headed stepchild".  This started as a response to the latter, but I decided this is a better venue.

My experience with Kubuntu has been frustrating, to say the least, and I doubt it has much to do with the Ubuntu team.  Firstly, the insistence on making everything "big" drives me crazy.  How can I use KDE when it won't let me resize panels?  I also can't find a way to create custom launcher icons on the panels (in gnome, I have a few set up to open ssh connections I use very often).

Also, how can I get a functional Application menu in Kubuntu that has proper icons and does not replace one menu section with another?  It's ridiculous that it hides the list of application categories to display the applications themselves, unless the user is supposed to always know what category something is in.

Basically, I completely agree with the comments posted here: and am wondering if anyone knows of ways to work around them.