If you follow DEF CON news at all, you’ll know that there’s been some kind of issue with the badges. But don’t worry, DEF CON will have badges, but so will the community!

What do I mean by this? Well, badge hacking has long been a DEF CON tradition, but in the past few years, we’ve seen more and more unofficial badges appearing at DEF CON. This year seems to be a massive upswing, and while I’m sure some of that was in progress before the badge announcement, I believe at least some of it is the community response to the DEF CON badge issue. (Edit: All of the listed badges were apparently in the works before the DEF CON announcement. Thanks to @wbm312 for setting me straight.)

I’ve tried to collect information about all the unofficial badges I can find, but I’d imagine there are many more that I haven’t heard about, or whose creator just isn’t talking about it. I know for a fact at least one such private badge exists!

Know of another badge? Ping me on Twitter (@Matir) and I’ll update. Sorry I have so many unknowns, but lots of the badges are keeping quiet!

Available for Sale

This includes badges that were available for sale at some point, even if now sold out. Basically, if at any point you could exchange cash, credit, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, gold ingots, or any other form of value for the badge, I’m putting it here. (I’d call it “commercial”, but most of these are a labor of love and the money just helps the creator not go broke with their labors.)

AND!XOR DEF CON 25 Indie Badge

2017 WiFi Badge

Mr Robot Badge


The Ides of DEF CON

  • Link: https://dc25spqr.com/
  • Features: Sub-1GHz Radio, Blinky Lights, Sound, LED Screen
  • Availability: Sold Out, Kickstarter Only, Open Source
  • Price: $120

Queercon 14 Badge

Beyond Binaries Badge


DEF CON Darknet

DC 801


Hacker Warehouse


  • Link: http://nu.llify.com
  • Features: LEDs, IR Tag, Open Source
  • Availability: Onsite, limited pre-reg
  • Price: $60

Private Projects/Little Detail