BSidesSF 2017 was, by far, the best yet. I’ve been to the last 5 or so, and had a blast at almost every one. This year, I was super busy – gave a talk, ran a workshop, and I was one of the organizers for the BSidesSF CTF. I’ve posted the summary and slides for my talk and I’ll update the video link once it gets posted.

I think it’s important to thank the BSidesSF organizers – they did a phenomenal job with an even bigger venue and I think everyone loved it. It was clearly a success, and I can only imagine how much work it takes to plan something like this.

It’s also important to note that our perennial venue, DNA Lounge, (except that one year we don’t talk about) is having some money problems. Apparently you can’t spend more than you bring in each year. This is the venue that, in addition to hosting BSidesSF, also hosts Cyberdelia. This is a venue that allows all kinds of independent art and events to thrive in one of the most expensive cities in the country. I encourage you to reach out and go to a show, buy some pizza, or just donate to their Patreon. If my encouragement is not enough, how about some from Razor and Blade?

Again, big thanks to BSidesSF and DNA Lounge for such a successful event!