This isn’t the first time I’ve changed blogging platforms, and it probably won’t be the last. I got tired of having to do maintenance on a blogging platform, so I decided to look for something lightweight. Enter Jekyll.

Jekyll is basically a static website compiler – it takes templates and content and produces static HTML output. No databases, no runtimes, no attack surface (beyond a static webserver). Given that I don’t mind writing in Markdown (in fact, I was using a Markdown plugin for Mezzanine), it seemed like a perfect fit. I wrote a quick script to get content out of Mezzanine/Django and export as HTML/Markdown, then spent some time tweaking the settings and theme (based on Hyde).

I’m going to be setting a goal to blog at least once a week, so watch this space for updates. And if you notice something odd going on (I know there are some issues with old posts and code blocks) please email me or ping me on Twitter.