As you may know, my site is hosted by Linode, one of the older Linux VPS providers.  I was excited when Linode announced native IPv6 support in some of their data centers, but then disappointed when I saw "No ETA" for the Atlanta datacenter where my site was hosted.  I had been running my node with Hurricane Electric's IPv6 tunnel service, but I prefer a native solution when I can get it.

As a result, I decided to move my Linode to the New Jersey data center.  At first, I contemplated just opening a ticket to get it moved, but I'd been wanting to do some "housekeeping" and had considered switching to pure Debian, so I decided to rebuild and migrate services.  As of this morning, I had migrated most services (including web/database) to the new Linode in New Jersey.  If it's at all possible, it seems even faster than my Atlanta Linode was.  (Technically, it is: 2.5 GHz CPUs vs 2.0 GHz CPUs)

It required opening a ticket to get an IPv6 address assigned -- but the ticket was handled in less than one minute.  At 11:00 PM Eastern time.  I've known that Linode has great customer service, but this blew me away.  Way to go, Linode!

(NB: If this entry helps inspire to join Linode, I'd appreciate you supporting my site and using my referral code of 680a893e24df3597d32f58cd41930e969027dc06).